The EBS-Di from EnBiorganic Technologies combines the power of customized proprietary soil microbiology with ground-breaking, dynamic and autonomous delivery technology for the all-natural, sustainable biological treatment of wastewater.

Simultaneously improve the overall performance of your wastewater and collection systems while eliminating your biggest challenges with this turn-key PERFORMANCE GUARANTEED solution. 


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Sludge Reduction
Sludge Reduction

Our process improves the condition of the collection system by reducing odor and degrading fats, oils and grease (FOG), as well as reducing organic loadings to wastewater treatment plants (WWTPs). It increases the overall efficiency and effectiveness of the wastewater treatment process.


  • throughout the entire wastewater treatment system
  • environmentally friendly and affordable way to dredge lagoons
  • eliminates FOG
Aeration Energy Savings
Aeration Energy Savings

A reduction in influent BOD loads and the presence of improved microbiology in the process will reduce your energy costs.

Reduced OPEX
Reduced OPEX

We extend and protect the life of existing infrastructure by converting the sewer collection system into an active, beneficial part for the wastewater treatment process.

Reduce the risk of SSO
Reduce the risk of SSO

We reduce the risk of Sanitary Sewer Overflow (SSO) because we can greatly reduce biomass and FOG that may have built up in the collection system over the years

Odor Reduction


*More Info Coming Soon.

  • 100% odor removal
  • surcharge reductions

The proprietary microbes developed by EnBiorganic have an outstanding track record in the elimination of odor and toxic gases in the Municipal wastewater industry. These same microbes are specially formulated for CAFOs and have the same effect.