BioResource Services

BioResource Services offers the only automated bioaugmentation system utilizing cutting edge technology by EnBiorganics Technology (EBT).  The EBS-Di, developed by EBT, dispenses naturally derived microbiology in an active state, on site.

“We treat waste the way nature does, with microbiology.”

*Providing Services in Montana, Wyoming, Colorado, North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, Kansas, Minnesota, Iowa and Wisconsin

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“The results were shocking. BOD has dropped to 5.5 milligrams, TSS is down to 5.2 and total nitrogen is at 10.9 and we are in compliance. We’re very pleased with what we’ve seen, and...


From a purely practical standpoint, this beats high-capex mechanical and other solutions that can sometimes eliminate algal bloom, but do nothing about resulting cyanotoxins, or eliminating the actual...

Tennessee State University, TN

Utilizing the EBS-Di technology the city is saving $400,000 a year on sludge handling as the sludge is now Class B sludge, now applicable for land application. As an added bonus the city has also seen...

Silver Spring, PA

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